My Ideas

This page is about my personal view on politics.

It's my main belief that we should always strive to explain ourselves no matter the subject, in a didatical way,

and to also share our ideas and tools with others, with no barriers. This page is about Brazilian politics.


Implement Universal Basic Income

Job automation is looming in the shadows, but more than that, it is good for society that it appears someday. We should strive for a future where people are no longer coearced societally to find work. UBI allows for an updated economy where not having jobs doesn't mean your failure.

Abolish Unnecessary Taxes

Current state has some taxes that either are stuck in victorian times, or didn't update to our current technologies. One such tax is the 75% tax on video games, because in the law corpus, these objects are compared to gambling products.

Abolish Minimum Wage

Experts in economy say that raising the minimum wage is either harmful or has no effect. Universal Basic Income would allow us to abolish the minimum wage, creating a free-er market by lowering costs of production.


Abolish Protectionism in Tech

Today, we live in a mixed politics-economy model, with remnants of protectionism being heavily positioned in technology and tech products. In a possible future, we could abolish those little problems and expect national growth, after failing to secure a national industry in tech, but a massive growth in international companies serving us goods, making us updated to live in the current century.

Abolish the DRM

Copyright is something of a law that is expected to stil be a thing in the foreseeable future. This means of securing the author's ideas is outdated for the fast, growing, and virtual world we live in today. A spawn of the current Copyright manoeuvres, is DRM. It is a piece of code embedded in media that limits your freedoms on where you can play it, to make you lock-in to a certain site or app. It's a poison of the virtual world, and so, we must fight to kill it.

Approve the Use of Ethical Torrents

Torrents today are seen as a maladie and something we should combat and get rid of. That thought is dangerous. We've grown to such a huge civilization, sprawling an entire planet, albeit not united under a single banner like Coruscant. Do you see the benefits in using a unified format on which we can share ideas, media, and human produced content? Yeah, me too. So we must fight to secure torrent as a viable means of sharing media, by ethically using it.