The things I made over the years


Notejot 17K03—19M06

A stupidly-simple sticky notes app for any short term notes.

Quilter 17K14—19O02

Focus on your writing and write beautiful solid stories.

Coin 17L13—19N10

Track the virtual currencies in real world currency value.

Palaura 17S05—19M14

Find any word's definition with this handy simple dictionary.

Yishu 17X03—19K03

A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client for setting daily tasks.


Aesop 18L13—19N08

The simplest PDF viewer around, with no extra fuss.

Beemy 18S02—19L08

A cute and small Body Mass Index calculator.

Timetable 18W06—19M09

Plot out your own timetable for the week and organize it.


Dot Matrix 19E03—19K03

Make out icons, or anything you can create with lines in this grid of dots.

Reganam 19J10—19M11

Build up your planet's buildings and grow yourself an ecumenopolis.

Niu 19O05—19O07

Track date and time in an innovative way with this handy applet.


Rakugaki 20A06—…

Want to just draw, sketch or doodle? This is the tool for you.

Khronos 20C13—…

Track each task's time in a simple inobtrusive way.